5 Shapewear Pieces That Will Make Your V-Day Magic!

5 Shapewear Pieces That Will Make Your V-Day Magic!

Perfect Valentine’s With These 5 Shapewear Pieces

This Valentine’s Day, you might want to think outside the box when it comes to dressing up and looking your best—in fact, you might want to consider shapewear. Whether you’re looking to get that perfect hourglass for Valentine’s Day or simply give an extra bit of flair to your ensemble for Love Day, Popilush has you covered. With that being said, let’s look into some of our top ideas for the perfect shapewear pieces to wear on Valentine’s Day.

1. The Lace Deep-V Bodysuit

While Valentine’s Day is meant to be romantic all day, let’s be honest: you’ll want to put an extra bit of consideration into what you wear when you get back home. Often, this means making a quick change into a piece of lingerie that’s not too flimsy (or too complicated) to wear throughout the day. What if you could get the best of both worlds—shapewear that will support you while at the same time giving you an extra bit of sex appeal?

That’s why we recommend the lace deep-v bodysuit from Popilush, which you can buy in black and two shades of brown. This bodysuit offers support, carving out your waist and giving you that cinched effect. At the same time, it lifts your breasts and plunges deep, which means that you can wear a low-cut dress or top without anyone noticing your bodysuit underneath. The other option is the lace smooth firm control thong bodysuit. This one comes in white, red, brown and black. The fabric on both of these is breathable and compressed, they come with a snap gusset that makes it easy for you to remove the suit whenever needed, and the straps are detachable. You can wear it as is, underneath clothing, or paired with jeans or a pencil skirt!

2. The Ideal High-Waisted Thong

There’s a lot to love about a thong—especially a lace thong. But the problem with a thong is that it’s often a bit loose and flimsy, offers zero support, can shift underneath your clothes, and comes with noticeable panty lines. While you might want to wear a thong for Valentine’s Day, some outfits may look better with the support offered by shapewear. With that being said, Popilush has a solution—this high-waisted thong.

The lacy thong is meant to act as shapewear—while also looking great once you’re out of your look of the day. Available in both black and red, it offers perfect tummy control, holding in your belly while at the same time smoothing over any lumps and bumps. Its elastic mesh offers built-in slimming compression, while the high waist and flexible sides create an anti-rolling effect. You aren’t going to get the lines you would with a traditional thong, but you are going to wow your date in these panties!

3. Lace Trim High Rise Butt Lifting Shorts

Say you want a bit of extra lift to your Valentine’s Day ensemble—but you don’t want to wear shapewear that will double as lingerie. Your focus is on the shaping. These butt lifting shorts will give you exactly what you want, all the while offering a bit of lace peekaboo that’s perfect for wearing under any dress or skirt.

Available in both black and a peachy nude, these shorts are ideal for those who want to lift their bottoms and add extra emphasis to their hips. Additionally, they offer compression for your tummy and thighs, creating a contoured look. You can rely on four plastic bones for extra structure and shaping, and the lacy inserts offer a flirty effect—if your skirt does happen to flash a bit of thigh, the lace will be much appreciated on Valentine’s Day! Another benefit of this piece is the zipper, which not only increases compression but keeps them easy to take off and put on.

4. Strapless U-Plunge Thong Bodysuit

Say you want the benefits of a shapewear bodysuit, while at the same time wearing an outfit with a plunging neckline. This piece could be exactly what you’re looking for. The plunging bodysuit is both seamless to wear with a low-cut bodysuit, and perfect for those who love a thong. Nobody will see any lines when you wear this bodysuit. 

Whether you buy it in a nude tone or in black, the bodysuit is sexy enough to wear on its own as lingerie, or perfect to utilize as strategic shapewear. The bodysuit’s cups will shape and lift your breasts, while the adjustable clear adhesive wings allow for comfort. A hook-and eye closure ensures that the bodysuit is easy to take off when the time comes, and it's backless—you can wear this piece with anything!

5. Midi Slimming Shaping Dress

Of course, we can’t miss this dress, which is just as good worn out on Valentine’s Day night as it is at home! This super comfortable dress is form fitting, with shapewear built into it! Plus, it’s also available in maxi form. All you have to do to dress it up is add on the right pair of heels or jewelry.

The dress is available in black, red, gray, or pink—and you can either rely on its shaping technology to give you the hourglass you need, or pair it with other pieces from Popilush. Trust us—you don’t want to miss out on this one!

We know that a lot of stress can go into finding the perfect outfit on Valentine’s Day. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Check out these pieces, and you'll be well on your way to your ideal V-Day!



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