4 Tips That Will Take Your Mommy Fashion Over the Top

4 Tips That Will Take Your Mommy Fashion Over the Top

4 Ways You Can Up Your Style Game as a Mom

It can be difficult to put yourself first as a mom. For moms, the natural impulse is to take care of other’s needs before their own—it’s what you’re trained to do. So many moms fall into the habit of caring for their kids, their partners, their pets, and sometimes even their coworkers before caring for their own needs. And over time, this becomes a matter of habit—out of necessity, you put the needs of others before your own. This habit can go so far as to affect the way you dress.

Lots of moms understandably feel that comfort is more important than style—but ultimately, for some this means feeling less put together and stylish in your day to day. At Popilush, we’re here to show you that there is a way to bring together style and comfort in one outfit… and perhaps even in a single piece. 

With that being said, let’s look into some of the ways that you can look stylish and feel comfortable as a mom… while not spending too much of your precious time on one outfit.

1. Multi-Functional Matters

This may seem simple enough, but it’s something that many moms miss when clothes shopping. While there’s nothing wrong with buying pieces that only serve one “function” (not every piece can possibly be multi-functional) investing in as many multi-functional daily pieces as possible is a good idea from multiple perspectives.

For one thing, you’re saving money. While we advise investing in high quality pieces that will last you for the long term, if you’re on a budget you can accomplish this more easily by thinking in terms of multi-functionality. 

For another, it’s simply much easier to coordinate outfits when you’re thinking in terms of fewer pieces. You can stay stylish, dress a piece up and dress a piece down, maintain your comfort, and avoid having to grab a dozen different pieces at once. 

When it comes to multi-functionality, Popilush has you covered. One of the best pieces in your arsenal is a good bodysuit. A bodysuit with built-in shapewear ensures that you’ll look your best without feeling compressed. Plus, you can easily make it work during the daytime (whether you’re caring for your kids or working in an office) by pairing it with pants or a pencil skirt… and if you’d rather it be more casual, or perfect for the evening, switch that out for a shorter skirt, shorts, or skinny jeans!

2. Get Sporty

Here’s the thing—you can rock the sporty look throughout the day, provided your lifestyle allows for it. Lots of stay at home moms in particular enjoy the comfort of sportswear throughout the day. It’s easier to chase after your kids if you’re already dressed for jogging. If going to the gym or exercising otherwise is built in to your daily routine, why not make it even easier by dressing for the task?

You can make this work by wearing leggings with a sports bra, perhaps topped with a loose, flowy shirt. But wait, you might ask—are leggings really appropriate to wear throughout the day? Thin, cheap leggings, prone to transparency and even splitting, might be risky. But if you invest in good shapewear leggings, you’re wearing something designed to last, and designed to have you looking optimal. The same goes for buying a shapewear-based sports bra, which offers more durability and support than typical sports bras.

Another benefit of wearing sportswear throughout the day? Moisture-wicking, breathable fabric. Even if you work up a sweat as a mom, you’ll feel comfortable in your sportswear.

3. Try Dressin’ Up (Literally)

We often associate dresses with more formal wear, and therefore more effort and preparation. However, this doesn’t have to be the case if you invest in the right dress. Popilush’s shapewear dress is made for lounging throughout the day, whether you buy the maxi or midi version, with straps or long sleeves. You can wear it with heels and feel put together… kick up your heels, quite literally… or throw on a pair of tennis shoes for easy activity.

What makes this dress so special (and so ideal for moms)? It functions just as perfectly as a shapewear piece as it does a dress. You don’t have to wear a bra or even panties with this dress if you don’t want to, and you certainly don’t need to worry about panty lines. The dress is your key to looking together and ready to go, while maintaining your sense of style and comfort as a mom.

4. Embrace the (Shapewear) Pleather

Want to look a bit edgy, while feeling comfortable (and avoiding animal cruelty)? Popilush’s faux leather pieces could be exactly what you’re looking for. With these pieces, coming in the form of a skirt and a pair of leggings, you can move on the go throughout your day… and wear them into the night. With all the benefits of shapewear! The compression, the smoothing, the moisture-wicking—you get all that, and an effortless sense of cool.

Plus, the leggings have the added plus of functioning just as any other yoga leggings would. Wear them as pants, as shapewear, as workout gear, or all of the above… and you’ll be set no matter what!

Look, we know it can take time to find your style as a mom. Let us give you a hand—and check out how you can look your best through our shapewear!


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