Over the past three years, Popilush has collaborated with a professional design team to create the most comfortable dress. We believe that embracing ourselves should not mean sacrificing freedom, and that fashion should not come at the cost of comfort.
1. Invisible shaping, flatters the waist Curve and Butt Lift

With built-in shapewear targeting the abdomen, waist, hips, and thighs, sculpts your silhouette naturally.

Without any discomfort or visible lines,ensuring comfort throughout the day.

A one-stop solution that combines fashion with hourglass shaping to enhance your figure

2. Tighten loose skin and weaken stretch marks

Built-in shapewear structure can tighten the belly and gather loose fat. Over the long time, the skin will become smoother and help relieve stretch marks.The secret lies in the net structure design of the compression lines on the tummy, aiding in the elimination of cellulites.It can tighten and prevent the skin from expanding. After contraction, the skin will be tighter and stretch marks will be weakened.


3. All-in-One: 1 bra + 1 shapewear + 1 panty

It's a reliable wardrobe essential featuring a bra, shapewear and panty for an easy and versatile solution to your shaping and figure-enhancing needs.

4. Shapewear to flatter from every angle

Say goodbye to VPL or the constant need to adjust your shapewear .

The form-fitting style gives you the right amount of flexibility and support so you flatter from every angle.

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