5 Valentine’s Day Looks That Prove Shapewear Can Be Sexy

5 Valentine’s Day Looks That Prove Shapewear Can Be Sexy

It’s right around the corner: Valentine’s Day!

Love Day means the opportunity to strut your stuff, whether you’re just beginning a new love story or keeping the fires burning with your long-term partner. Either way, the best thing you can do to be prepared is plan out your look for the night of. Naturally, Popilush has a few pieces that we know will have you feeling your best—with all eyes on you.

1. Built-in Shapewear Corset Style Lace Midi Dress

She’s new, she’s fresh, and she’s sleek—this midi dress is your all-in-one look, and it functions both as shapewear and as a dress you can wear straight out of the house. It gives elegant and sexy all at the same time, and you can’t go wrong with a look like that. With built-in shaping mesh and breast support, this dress doesn’t require extra pieces. You can layer a jacket on top for extra coverage or wear it as it is—to parties, the club, or, of course, on a date night. At the same time, it’s comfortable enough to wear on a casual day.

2. Deep-V Neck Low-Back Shapewear Thong Bodysuit

What’s a great date night without the right bodysuit? You don’t have to mix and match shapewear with lingerie. The right shapewear doubles as lingerie, and this bodysuit is exactly what you’re looking for on that level. With steel rings built in to show off your breasts to their best advantage, it snatches in your waist and creates that perfect hourglass shape. You can wear this under a dress, or simply pull on a cute skirt for a night out. Look and feel your absolute best, meshing sex appeal with ease of use.

3. Built-in Shapewear Deep-V Neck Lace Thong Bodysuit

Everything you want from a bodysuit, this time with even more sex appeal! This bodysuit has a neckline that dips low, a high, pantyline-proof cut, and a 3-dimensional Herringbone design that has you looking even slimmer. It’s the ideal piece for someone who wants the perks of shapewear with the look of lacy lingerie. Because really? That’s what you’re getting here. Something that has you looking sexy with the outfit on… and with it off.

4. Built-in Shapewear Corset Style Maxi Dress or Thong Bodysuit

Pick between a thong bodysuit that you can wear underneath your main outfit when you aren’t pairing it with a skirt… or a sexy maxi dress that has all the benefits of that bodysuit, with the added benefit of being a full outfit on its own. (You can always grab both!) This ensemble shapes and lifts your breasts while cinching in your waist, creating the dramatic curves everyone wants on Valentine’s Day. Plus, it’s comfortable and dramatic all at once. Wear stiletto heels or a strappy shoe to create a bit of drama… Or dress it down and throw on a shawl for a more daywear-friendly look. The best pieces can do it all. This is exactly what you’re looking for.

5. Metallic Shiny Bustier Mini Shapewear Dress

Remember: you can’t ever go wrong with a mini dress! This look is perfect for a night out, and the bustier component does the work for you. Comfortable and made with built-in tummy control, this is the ultimate dress for the girl who wants to dance the night away. It’s fresh, it’s pretty—it’s you!

We have a feeling you’re ready to shine this Valentine’s Day. Let us get you started with a fresh new piece from Popilush!



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