Three Shapewear Pieces You Can Wear Multiple Ways

Three Shapewear Pieces You Can Wear Multiple Ways

Three Multi-Wear Shapwear Pieces You’ll Love

This autumn, convenience is key—rather than buying a million different outfits, why not focus on multifunctional pieces that can be worn in several different ways? Fortunately, shapewear is inherently multifunctional, especially if it’s made by Popilush. Many of our pieces are made with multifunctionality in mind, and we pride ourselves in creating pieces that you can wear in many ways at once.

We’re going to focus on a few key pieces that will revamp your wardrobe… or function in a more straightforward manner. It’s up to you! The beauty of shopping at Popilush is that you can wear whatever you want, however you want.

1. Deep-V Neck Lace Thong Bodysuit

Function #1: Of course, you can always wear this bodysuit as traditional shapewear. It offers great tummy control, as well as detachable straps that help lift your bust. It works well under any outfit, without panty lines or bunching.

Function #2: The great thing about a lace bodysuit is that it also functions as lingerie, if you’d like. Throw on a sexy robe (or not) and light some candles, and you’ll be ready for a night in with your partner. Everyone wins!

Function #3: If you’re interested in something a bit more daring, why not wear this bodysuit as a top? While it may not be what you’d wear in the office, it can certainly function for a night at the club, risqué and sexy and supportive all at once. Bodysuits are wonderfully multifunctional. All you need to do is throw on a miniskirt or hotpants, and you’ll be ready to go. All you need to do to top it off is a pair of heels, or, in the winter, boots!

2. Leggings

There are several different options available for those who’d like to throw on a pair of leggings, of course. But if you invest in high quality leggings (thick enough to hide panty lines, like those created at Popilush) you can wear them in more ways than one.

Function #1: Trust and believe, Popilush leggings remain perfect for workouts—all kinds of workouts. You can run, jog, do yoga, and lift weights in these leggings with the kind of support that will ensure that you never have to feel self-conscious. 

Function #2: Everyday wear is also possible with these leggings. Throw on a sweater or tunic, plus a pair of boots, and you’ll be able to look cute and confident at the same time. Leggings as pants? We say yes!

Function #3: Yes, you can indeed go out with leggings—now that Popilush offers faux leather leggings, that is! These leggings have the look of leather pants and the slimming function of shapewear. Put on a crop top, a t-shirt, whatever you want, and you’ll have a club-ready look! And yes, you can still wear these to the gym.

3. Shapewear Dresses

Guess what? Popilush offers both midi and maxi dresses—with built-in shapewear!

Function #1: You can always lounge about in these dresses, having a casual day at home or running errands. They’re comfortable, slimming, and flattering. Rather than sweats, why not wear a comfy dress that has you looking your best?

Function #2: At the same time, you can dress them up. Popilush dresses come in several varieties—there’s the midi dress, the maxi dress, and the maxi dress with sleeves. Throw on a pair of heels and a nice jacket, and you can get ready for a night on the town. No matter what, this dress will have you looking sleek and snatched!

See? It’s a lot easier to make these pieces multifunctional than you might have realized. All you have to do is use a little imagination! Get creative, and you can turn one piece into a staple for two or three outfits. Popilush is ready to show you the way!

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