Shapewear Pieces That Are Perfect for the Winter

Shapewear Pieces That Are Perfect for the Winter

Ready for Winter Shapewear? Check Out Our Recommendations!

As you head into the winter, you may wonder about how to utilize your shapewear. In theory, you might think that shapewear doesn’t mesh with the sweaters and long sleeves of the wintertime—but that isn’t the truth at all. In fact, shapewear is possibly even easier to incorporate into your winter wardrobe than your summer wardrobe. All you need to do is find the right pieces.

Not so familiar with shapewear—or uncomfortable with shopping for winter shapewear? Don’t worry: we’re here to help at Popilush. We have shapewear that will go undetected under your winter clothes… As well as multifunctional shapewear that you can make the centerpiece of your outfit. Let’s hit some of the highlights below!

1The Long-Sleeved Contour Bodysuit

At Popilush, we love a good bodysuit. Why? A bodysuit covers so many pain points in one piece. You can get a slimming piece that offers an hourglass shape as well as great tummy control. At the same time, a bodysuit can rather easily be incorporated into your everyday clothes. While you could slip this bodysuit underneath a heavier outfit, you could just as easily throw on the suit itself, then pair it with a pair of pants or a skirt. A long-sleeved bodysuit has the added benefit of giving your arms some additional support—and it’s perfect for winter. This bodysuit is sleek, lifts your bust, and comes with a snap closure—which makes it easy for you to hit the bathroom. No need to take off the whole thing when you need a bathroom break at work! If you’re looking for an all-purpose piece, this bodysuit is exactly what you want.

2. The Long-Sleeved Lounge Dress

We love this dress at Popilush—so much so that we also offer it in mid-form, as well as in its full length without sleeves. But the long-sleeved version has a special place in our hearts for the wintertime. Why? Because this dress gives you everything you could possibly need from a shapewear dress. It gives support, slimming your tummy while also lifting your butt. But with its full length and its long sleeves, it’s easy to wear during the winter. Just throw on a jacket or coat and pair it with boots! Another great thing about this dress is that it can be as casual or as elevated as you want it to be. You can lounge about at home or wear it to the office. You just need to think about how you’re dressing it.

3. CloudSense Seamless Thong Bodysuits

Like the dress mentioned above, this bodysuit comes in several different forms. You can order the square necked, long-sleeved version that’s perfect for the wintertime. Wear it with a jacket or a coat, it will layer perfectly, no matter what you wear on the bottom (pants or a skirt). On the other hand, you could choose a short-sleeved version, or a tank top version! Think about it this way—if you buy the long-sleeved version for the winter and absolutely love it, you can always buy a short-sleeved (or even sleeveless!) version as the weather heats up.

4. Leggings and Flare Pants 

Here’s the thing about leggings—if you buy thin, flimsy leggings, you might not get a lot of warmth out of them in the winter. So where does this leave you when you want to go jogging? Are you supposed to simply freeze or deal with bulky sweatpants? We’d argue that you can wear leggings year-round… as long as you buy the right ones. These leggings not only offer you a slimming factor and tummy control—they’re also stronger than cheap leggings. This means that you’ll be more protected against cold weather. At the same time, you can wear them to your yoga class indoors without feeling cumbersome or weighed down, the way you would with heavier pants.

5. Latex Tummy Control Butt Lifter Bodysuit

While a lot of the Popilush bodysuits work perfectly as tops when paired with pants and skirts, this bodysuit is meant to function a bit differently. It’s slimming and offers plenty of control—in fact, it not only features tummy control but butt-lifting mesh! This bodysuit is meant to be worn under another outfit, just as your bra or panties would. The cool thing about this bodysuit is that it actually features adjustable straps. These straps enable you to lift and shape your breasts. Despite its coverage, you won’t have to worry about panty lines. The bodysuit is sleek and discreet—perfect for any outfit throughout the year, but especially beneficial during the winter, when you might wear fuller-coverage clothes.

As you can see, it’s a little trick to navigate shapewear during the wintertime at first. But once you have a few classic pieces in your repertoire, you’ll never be without an outfit that’s not only comfortable, but flattering. You don’t have to hide behind big sweaters throughout the winter. Just invest in shapewear that’s meant to last, and you’ll be set up not only for this winter, but those in the future as well—and you might even get some inspiration for the summer!

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